Our vehicles

We provide our services in reliable vans of class A1 and A2. What does it mean? Medical transport of class A1 and A2 allows transporting one or two patients on a stretcher or a chair.

Important to note that technical equipment of our vehicles allow combining different types of carriage of one patient — both on a chair and a stretcher. For example, in order to ensure a comfortable carriage of a patient living in the upper floor of an apartment building, we can use a special chair with handles allowing our specialists to move quickly and comfortably up and down the stairs (the same applies to the stretcher), in and out of the building. When putting the patient in the vehicle, the chair can be transformed into a stretcher allowing a comfortable transfer to the van's bed. 

We have chosen brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Ford, due to increased safety and reliability of these vehicles. Our experience has shown that these are the safest and technically most reliable vans serving our mission — comfortable, stable, convenient and, most importantly — safe transportation of sitting and lying patients.

You can accompany your relative or friend during medical transportation, providing him or her with additional emotional support. We will take care of safety and comfort on the road. 

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Our team

Team of Medical Transporte in Valencia consists of local drivers and assistants who have been trained and know how to properly carry and transport people with special needs — a crucial factor to provide maximum comfort for a passenger.

Our drivers know the neighborhood very well therefore they will deliver you or your relative to the specified destination in a possibly shortest time.

We speak Spanish and Russian.

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