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We provide fast, comfortable and safe medical transportation of persons with special needs.

We are based in Valencia, however, we will take you or your relative to any place in Spain or other part of Europe, as needed. We are experienced in professional international transportation of sitting and lying passengers.

We provide direct medical transport to and from hospitals, assisted living facilities, necessary health examinations and analyses around Europe, or to visit relatives in another city or country.

Our fleet is based in Valencia; nevertheless we offer medical transportation across entire Spain and also other European countries.

We get regular requests from different countries therefore we are gradually expanding our presence in different locations. Currently our specialists are experienced in sanitary transporting of people in Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Latvia and Spain.

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Price of medical transportation in Valencia is constant and does not change according to distance:

25 EURO / sitting patient

35 EURO / lying patient


If it is necessary to carry the person upstairs or downstairs into/from an apartment building, additional price per each floor is EUR 1.

Accompaniment of patient — free of charge (for one person). You can accompany your relative and provide additional emotional support.

If you need medical transportation to other cities or countries, do not hesitate to contact us by calling +34960130140 to find out the price.

Our medical transport — new, technically reliable and comfortable. Our drivers know how to properly lift, carry and seat or lay down patients in the vehicle. It is very important when it comes to people with special needs.



We are a transport company. We do not provide medical procedures during transportation.

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