About us

Medical Transporte - an international company based in Europe specialising in professional medical transportation of persons with special needs whether sitting or lying.

We will take you or your relative to a hospital, assisted living facility, necessary health examinations and analyses, to visit relatives in another city or to have health examination in other country. And, of course, we will bring them back home.

Our fleet is based in Valencia, nevertheless we offer medical transportation across entire Spain and also other European countries.

We offer our services both to individuals and companies (insurance companies, clinics, assisted living facilities).

We are a company offering medical transportation; we do not provide medical procedures upon arrival or during transportation.

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History of the company

History of the company dates back to 2012 when SIA “MED transports” was established in Riga, Latvia, offering medical transportation services in Latvia and across Europe. One year later the company became one of the most demanded providers of sanitary transportation both in the local and European market.

Due to the successful performance the company's management made a decision to expand, and in 2018 the international company opened its headquarters also in Valencia.

Despite the fact that we are relatively new to Valencia region, local residents have become increasingly aware of our services. We offer fine quality level service, professional help in transporting passengers whether sitting or lying and also patients in difficult condition (for example, after stroke).

Our specialists are highly trained in transporting people with special needs, therefore ensuring maximum comfort and safety.


Our mission

Our work is to try to make the life of people with special needs easier and more mobile — no more obstacles to visiting a nearby city or other country. We perform medical transportation to any city and country. We are experienced in international sanitary transportation in Latvia, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland.

Long-distance travels are always subject to a requirement of two drivers in order to avoid situation of tiredness. You can accompany your relative on the way to ensure additional emotional support.

You can contact us any time to find out all details you want to know.


Medical Transporte – professional and fine quality help is only one call away!

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